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Support Contracts
With LabManager and PeakPro sadly nearing the end of their long life, support is becoming an issue. Their support costs are rising, coupled with a reduction in the level of support in the form of new release content and patches.

All LabManager revisions earlier than 10.1 have now reached their end of support by the supplier. You may have started the lengthy process of installing a new LIMS, or have decided that LabManager still satisfies your needs and cannot justify the cost of a migration. You thus find yourself with a system which is unsupported.

You may be on a newer LabManager release and see the end of support being reached before your new LIMS goes live. You may need additional resources to support your system, but don't want to invest in training new staff for a task with a limited life - a whizz-kid trained on Oracle 11g won't take kindly to being asked to work on Oracle 7!

You may need your LIL programs updating, or even new ones writing, and where can you find LIL expertise?

When you get your new LIMS up and running, what do you do with those many years of data on your LabManager system? Migration to the new LIMS may not be the preferred option, and you thus need to keep LabManager running for many years to come, particularly if you have Stability trials in progress.

Kidgell Technologies can help - we have experience of  installing, configuring and supporting LabManager systems going back to the days of Revision 6.5 and the Proprietary database, on all platforms. We resolved a support call on Proprietary Database which we received in 2005!

We offer customised support contracts for your LabManager and PeakPro systems, to provide help when you have a problem, to perform routine system health checks or to build system enhancements.

If you have a system which is still under Thermo Application support, you could consider downgrading to Basic support, and invest some of the cost savings in either an additional support contract or consultancy with Kidgell Technologies to provide the extra features you need.
Note: we cannot provide software patches or upgrades. For these, you must have a current support contract with Thermo, but for 9.0 or earlier systems, no upgrades or patches will be provided since these revisions are End of Life.